Providing peace of mind that the necessary funds will be available on time, so that you never miss out on an auction opportunity again, or risk losing your deposit.
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No more missed opportunities at auction, and no more stressful finger-crossing while waiting for funds to complete. We can provide a FAST DECISION IN PRINCIPLE so that you know where you are, and can move quickly come the time.
You are buying a property at auction and need to move quickly to secure the purchase. This needs to be done to a deadline, usually within 14-28 days of successfully winning the auction purchase, which can often be near impossible from traditional sources.

Our Auction Finance solutions feature ...

* In most cases the funder will use only the borrowers solicitors to ensure speed of completion.
It is not easy to get access auction and buy-to-let funding, especially so in the current lending environment as the banks continue to tighten their lending criteria, but there are alternatives from other sources who actually want to lend, and moreover lend at competitive rates without making you jump through hoops for months on end first.
The demand for reliable auction finance from more specialised sources is ever increasing as property developers and buy-to-let investors are unable to secure lending from the high street lenders for a variety of reasons. Firstly many banks are simply not lending full stop, and look for any reason not to do so. Other reasons for lending being turned down are varied, such as the condition, type, location, or use of the property, not to mention other variables like occupancy and rental yield requirements.
Auction finance by its very nature is usually required quickly in order to secure a purchase, which can also be a problem when it comes to the protracted time frame many traditional lenders take to process loan applications.
So whether you are an experienced investor with a large portfolio, or a first-timer we can help to ensure the availability of funds, ready on time every time. This means that you will be safe in the knowledge that you can complete your purchases on time every time.
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